Cabinet Installation

We install your cabinets regardless of where you purchase your cabinets. Cabinets are an essential component of any functional kitchen, the heart of the home. They not only provide storage space but also enhance the overall aesthetics of the room. Installing kitchen cabinets requires careful planning and precise execution to ensure a successful outcome.

Even if you’ve purchased your own cabinets, we have the experience and skill to ensure that the cabinets fit perfectly and do not obstruct any doors or windows. You’ve chosen your high-quality cabinets that suit your style and budget, and we’ll install them for you.

We assemble and install your new cabinets according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This involves attaching them securely to studs in the wall and leveling them properly. We ensure that all doors, drawers, and hardware are installed properly for a complete look. We take time to pay attention to detail during this process, ensuring that everything aligns perfectly. Our CEO is a Libra, after all.

Kitchen cabinet installation requires careful planning and precise execution for a successful outcome. Our experience and diligence allow you to have your dream kitchen, both functional and aesthetically pleasing, that meets your needs and preferences.

Call us to schedule an onsite visit and we will provide a quote for your molding or kitchen project. We cover all of South Florida. Reach out to discuss your project today!